Business Success

is born from an unshakeable
strategic foundation

You wouldn’t build a house without first ensuring the foundation was sound. Why should your marketing and sales be any different?

At Inneract Strategies, we set out to do what all CMOs and Sales Executives should do: 

Because the brands reaching eight-figure revenue years – they target the right people, the right way.


Strategy First

An initial comprehensive audit of current marketing and sales practices helps us to orient your business in the building materials manufacturing landscape. From here we establish your goals and identify highest-yield opportunities for your brand’s marketing and/or sales. Actionable steps to reach desired outcomes translate the strategy into deliverables.

Your plan may include all or elements of the following:

Fractional CMO Services
As a Chief Marketing Officer, oversight of the planning, development and execution of marketing plans will be provided to your team.

Where implementation demands external resourcing, management of contractors and project timelines is taken care of for you, so you can focus on your goals.
Sales & Representation

Sales look different depending on your product’s path to market and beyond. Our sales services include:


Management, training and consultation on a fractional schedule allows your in-house team to grow and evolve with your expanding business.

Our certified Duct Tape Marketing Specialist offers training services for creative and strategic teams in both marketing and sales departments of your organization to ensure a cohesive brand approach throughout the customer journey.

Katie Kierna


“Sheri is a unicorn when it comes to marketing. Not only is she an extremely strong, strategic guide and experienced counselor, she combines that strategy with an ability to execute flawlessly and ensure there is constant forward motion against your business goals.”

At Inneract Strategies, service is always customized. 

Your product is unique, and our approach to promoting it is too. That is why we don’t believe in a-la-carte service selections.

We work with you to create a unique marketing and sales leadership proposal informed by your Strategy First review to help you reach and exceed your next revenue goal.

Sheri Pettoni Writing

Are you ready to work with a C-suite Executive without the commitment of a full-time employee?